Tips, Interviews & Resources

Resource. 31.07.16
Learn 3 key insights about your process by tracking your time
This habit gives you 3 big-picture insights (apart from the other obvious benefits like knowing where the time is going between coffee breaks)
Resource. 23.08.15
How to present your portfolio like a pro using mock-up templates
Here's some practical tips & resources to take your portfolio presentation to the next level
Resource. 13.07.15
Animate 2D characters in real time using facial expressions and movement
Adobe Character Animator makes you bring still image artwork to life by capturing your performance using a camera and microphone.
Interview. 04.07.15
An interview with Glenn Jones - Legendary T-shirt designer
Glenn Jones, legendary T-shirt designer, illustrator and artist from Auckland gives us an insight into his workday, his journey and lessons learnt.
Interview. 29.06.15
Massey graduate Aidan Turvey shares some tips on how to break into the industry
Aidan Turvey is an extremely talented, young Graphic Designer, currently working with Designworks in their Auckland office. He has worked across various projects ranging from re-branding a primary school all by himself to working on brands like Silver Fern Farms & Anchor. He graduated from Massey in 2010, with a Bachelor on Design.
Interview. 29.06.15
Johnson McKay of Auckland studio Fly gives us an insight into their ideology and what he looks for when hiring interns
We interview Johnson McKay, Creative Director and founder of Fly - a boutique integrated agency that believes in creating powerful work that disrupts thinking, moves emotions and causes action.